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I love a powershell challenge, and last week a colleague of mine asked me for assistance in getting the uptime of vmware hosts. My initial response did the trick: Get-View  -ViewType hostsystem -Property name,runtime.boottime | Select-Object Name, @{N=”UptimeDays”; E={((((get-date) – ($_.runtime).BootTime).TotalDays).Tostring()).Substring(0,5)}} However, I wasn’t completely satisfied by the the output or the ease of use. So today I went back and rewrote the code and made a function of it. Instead of using the ToString and Substring methods I went for the built-in class Math, which has a method called Round. You can learn more about the Math class here: http://www.madwithpowershell.com/2013/10/math-in-powershell.html Anyways, here’s the function I came up with: function Get-VMHostUptime { [CmdletBinding()] Param ( [Parameter(ValueFromPipeline=$True,ValueFromPipelineByPropertyName=$True)][Alias(‘Name’)][string]$VMHosts, [string]$Cluster ) Process{ If ($VMHosts) { foreach ($VMHost in $VMHosts) {Get-View -ViewType hostsystem -Property name,runtime.boottime -Filter @{“name” = “$VMHost”} | Select-Object Name, @{N=”UptimeDays”; E={[math]::round((((Get-Date) – ($_.Runtime.BootTime)).TotalDays),1)}}, @{N=”UptimeHours”; E={[math]::round((((Get-Date) – ($_.Runtime.BootTime)).TotalHours),1)}}, @{N=”UptimeMinutes”; E={[math]::round((((Get-Date) – ($_.Runtime.BootTime)).TotalMinutes),1)}}} }…

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