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If you are ever in need of some motivation, here is a very simple Powershell function for that: function Motivate-Me { $motivator = Get-Random -Minimum 1 -Maximum 5 if ($motivator -eq 1) {Write-Host “You are a Powershell God!”} if ($motivator -eq 2) {Write-Host “You rule dude!”} if ($motivator -eq 3) {Write-Host “I wish I could errorhandle like you”} if ($motivator -eq 4) {Write-Host “I am nothing compared to you”} if ($motivator -eq 5) {Write-Host “Are you sure you intirely human? ’cause you seem to cool to be real”} } Now all you need to do is write Motivate-Me in the powershell window to receive some inspirational words 🙂