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A few weeks ago I started to put together a health check script for our vmware environments and the first thing I wanted to have in that report is a list of triggered alarms. To my surprise there was no native cmdlet to retrieve alarms using PowerCLI, instead I had to write a short script to retrieve alarms. So here’s the the script for retrieving vm alarms: $VMs = Get-View -ViewType VirtualMachine -Property Name,OverallStatus,TriggeredAlarmstate $FaultyVMs = $VMs | Where-Object {$_.OverallStatus -ne “Green”} $progress = 1 $report = @() if ($FaultyVMs -ne $null) { foreach ($FaultyVM in $FaultyVMs) { foreach ($TriggeredAlarm in $FaultyVM.TriggeredAlarmstate) { Write-Progress -Activity “Gathering alarms” -Status “Working on $($FaultyVM.Name)” -PercentComplete ($progress/$FaultyVMs.count*100) -Id 1 -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue $alarmID = $TriggeredAlarm.Alarm.ToString() $object = New-Object PSObject Add-Member -InputObject $object NoteProperty VM $FaultyVM.Name Add-Member -InputObject $object NoteProperty TriggeredAlarms (“$(Get-AlarmDefinition -Id $alarmID)”) $report += $object } $progress++ } } Write-Progress -Activity “Gathering VM alarms”…

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