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My very first PowerCLI related post was about this same topic: listing snapshot info using PowerCLI. In my original post (which you can see here) I only wrote a pretty simple one-liner. Which was kind of okay, but it was missing one crucial thing: who took the snapshot? Why vmware hasn’t found a way to include a username in the get-snapshot cmdlet is something I just can’t understand. There’s really not much code needed to add this to the output, and there’s several ways of doing so. I found that using Get-Snapshot and Get-VIEvent together was the easiest way to get all the info I want. It’s not a perfect solution, seeing as I really wanted to make use of the much faster Get-View instead of Get-Snapshot, but I have yet to figure out a good way to handle snapshot trees using Get-View. As usual I created a function for…

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