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A while back we migrated from our old EMC VNX to a new HPE 3PAR array. It all went fine but what kinda slipped our mind is that HPE’s best practice is to create a custom SATP rule that uses RoudRobin as path selection policy and a IOPS limit to 1 in stead of the default 1000. The steps are documented in the¬†HPE 3PAR VMware ESX/ESXi Implementation Guide, but they only show you how to do it through the esx cli. If you have more then a few esx hosts you would be better of using the Get-EsxCli cmdlet. That way you can put it in a script that loops through all your esx hosts. Another thing to keep in mind is that the SATP rules are case sensitive and HPE is using the wrong case for the vendor parameter (3pardata in stead of 3PARdata), at least as of the…

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