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The next step in my short series on getting vCenter alarms using PowerCLI is to get cluster alarms. Here’s the code: $Clusters = Get-View -ViewType ComputeResource -Property Name,OverallStatus,TriggeredAlarmstate $FaultyClusters = $Clusters | Where-Object {$_.TriggeredAlarmState -ne “{}”} $report = @() $progress = 1 if ($FaultyClusters -ne $NULL) { foreach ($FaultyCluster in $FaultyClusters) { foreach ($TriggeredAlarm in $FaultyCluster.TriggeredAlarmstate) { Write-Progress -Activity “Gathering alarms” -Status “Working on $($FaultyCluster.Name)” -PercentComplete ($progress/$FaultyClusters.count*100) -Id 1 -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue $entity = $TriggeredAlarm.Entity.ToString() $alarmID = $TriggeredAlarm.Alarm.ToString() if ($entity -like “ClusterComputeResource-*”) { $entityName = $FaultyCluster.Name $type = “Cluster” } elseif ($entity -like “HostSystem-host*”) { $entityName = (Get-View -ViewType HostSystem -Property Name | Where-Object {$_.MoRef -eq $entity}).Name $type = “VMHost” } elseif ($entity -like “VirtualMachine-vm*”) { $entityName = (Get-View -ViewType VirtualMachine -Property Name | Where-Object {$_.MoRef -eq $entity}).Name $type = “VM” } $object = New-Object PSObject Add-Member -InputObject $object NoteProperty Cluster $FaultyCluster.Name Add-Member -InputObject $object NoteProperty Entity $entityName Add-Member -InputObject $object…

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