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I have been struggling for quite some time with mapping luns from our vnx 5600 to entire clusters in our vCenter. We used to utilize a custom workflow a consultant wrote for us, but that workflow got borked after an update to UCS Director nearly a year ago. Revisiting the issue i found this example from Cisco:¬†https://communities.cisco.com/docs/DOC-57382 That example seems to work for other people but in our case the custom task in it never gave the correct output, so I had to look for a way around it. The solution I came up with is overly complicated and can surely be simplified, but my lacking knowledge of javascript limits me quite a bit. My workflow to map luns to vSphere clusters consists roughly of these steps: A powershell task running a script that does the following: Queries vCenter for esxi hosts in given cluster Queries UCS Directors api for…

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