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I’m just gonna start by putting this out there: I have never been a fan of SuperOffice, and I probably never will be either. Now that thats out there, heres the situation: We have one citrix farm, and three different SuperOffice instances. The goal with our citrix farm is to have each citrix server completely the same as the others. Because of that, only one of the SuperOffice instance have been accessible from the citrix farm. Until yesterday… When we first set up the citrix farm, we installed that one SuperOffice instance and didn’t put much effort into getting the other two instances accessible. What we did try was using the -inipath parameter for socrm.exe and soadmin.exe as stated here:¬†http://cs.superoffice.com/scripts/customer.exe?_sf=0&custSessionKey=&customerLang=no&noCookies=true&action=viewKbEntry&id=2388 That didn’t work at all so we didn’t bother trying anymore as the other two instances isn’t that much used anyway. But yesterday I did another attempt and it turns…

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