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Guess what? It’s time for something different than powershell 😛 I finally got myself a server to play around with Hyper-V on. This has been sorely missed for a long time. I worked a lot with Hyper-V in my previous job, and even built a small data center running on Hyper-V. But at my current job we only use vmware, which is a great product but to expensive in my book. Especially when we are finally looking at a datacenter license from Microsoft and we already have the System Center suite. This means that we can save a ton of money on switching from vmware to Hyper-V. Anyway…In this blogpost I want to show you a little about the HP Array Configuration Utility command-line interface. I usually use the graphical interface for creating volumes and such, but for some reason I couldn’t get it working on my Hyper-V test server.…

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