smtpDiag – Diagnose smtp and dns problems

SmtpDiag is a nifty little tool for diagnosing any smtp or dns issues on your mailserver. Usage: smtpdiag SmtpDiag

June 24, 2011 · nerenther

PuTTY proxy trick

Did you know you use an SSH connection as a proxy using PuTTY? I didn’t until today 🙂 Fire up PuTTY but before you connect navigate to Connection–>SSH–>Tunnels. Here you can specify a port you want PuTTY to respond to proxy requests. Choose a port that is not in use on your localhost, I will use 8080 in this example. Choose Dynamic on Destination and click Add. In the forwarded ports part of the windows you will now see D8080....

June 24, 2011 · nerenther

ProduKey – recover cd-keys

From time to time you will want to reinstall you os right? And of course you have all your license keys documented right? Well, I don’t 🙂 Thats why I usually extract them from my computer before i reinstall the os. A nice little tool that I have been using for this is ProduKey. It has a small footprint, no need for installation, just run the exe file. It gathers your licensekeys for windows, office, exchange, sql etc....

June 23, 2011 · nerenther

ALTools from Microsoft, awesome!

Stumbled upon a tool from Microsoft called ALTools that I thought were absolutely awesome. It’s over 7 years old so I wonder why I haven’t seen it before Nevertheless it’s as cool now as it was when it was released. ALTools consists of several tools, but the coolest of them are: aloinfo – Displays all user account names and the age of their passwords eventcombMT – Gathers specific events from event logs of several different machines and saves them in a text file LockoutStatus – Shows a list of all domain controllers in a given domain and the lockoutstatus of a given user on those I have used eventcomb a couple of times as it has some predefined searches, for example Account Lockouts....

June 9, 2011 · nerenther

Xerox ZenPack for Zenoss 3.x

At the company where I currently work we lease a bunch of Xerox copiers. Those leasing contracts are based on number of prints per device. That means that once a month we have to gather pagecounts from all our printers (about 100 of them) and report them to our supplier, which takes a lot of time. Since we already were using Zenoss for monitoring of the printers I figured I could try and gather the information via snmp....

May 31, 2011 · nerenther