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At the company where I currently work we lease a bunch of Xerox copiers. Those leasing contracts are based on number of prints per device. That means that once a month we have to gather pagecounts from all our printers (about 100 of them) and report them to our supplier, which takes a lot of time. Since we already were using Zenoss for monitoring of the printers I figured I could try and gather the information via snmp. That resulted in this ZenPack. It creates a device class, /Printer/Laser/Xerox and assigns a Monitoring Template called XeroxPageCounts. The monitoring template consist of 3 DataPoints, BlackPageCount, ColorPageCount and TotalPageCount. It also includes a graph using the 3 DataPoints. What I did after creating this ZenPack is create a new view which contains all these graphs. So now we simply open the new view and all the info we need is right there,…

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