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I better write this down before I forget it again: ctrl+shift+6 x If this makes absolutely no sense to you I will explain: When you run commands like traceroute, ping and others within Cisco IOS you can abort them. But you can’t use the usual ctrl+c (that would be to logical I guess), you need to press ctrl+shift+6 and THEN press x. There’s probably a good explanation for this, but I still feel that it is horribly cumbersome. Especially since I don’t use it that often, so I forget it from time to time 😛

At work I was recently assigned some more network related task. One of the task I fine myself repeating over and over is locating a computer on the network. The only info you need is the ip-address of the computer. This is how I do it: 1. Telnet core switch 2. show ip arp | include <ip-address> This gives me the mac address of the computer 3. show mac address-table address <mac address> This shows what port the computer is behind 4. show cdp neighbors <port on core> This shows the name of the switch that is connected on that port 5. Telnet to that switch 6. Repeat step 3-5 until step 4 returns no switches, that means the computer is directly connected to that port!