New monitor stands for my four monitors

New monitor stands for my four monitors

At work I am known as “the monitor king”. The reason for that is that while my co-workers have two monitors, I have four 🙂
I really enjoy working on four monitors and would never go back to working on only two or three. But the problem with having so many monitors on your desk is that it takes up most of the space on the desk, there is little room for other stuff you usually have on a desk.
That is why I wanted a monitor stand of some sort. Initially I looked at stands that can handle four monitors, but none of the ones I found gave me the ability to position the monitors just the way I wanted. Additionally they are usually meant for four identical monitors, I have three different types of monitors.
The setup I had was 2x NEC EA241WM 24″ monitors, one Eizo EV2313W and one old Lenovo monitor I found in the trash (think it is about 17″ none-widescreen).
Here you can see how it looked before:

It may not be so easy to tell from the pictures, but I virtually no space on the desk to put stuff. Also notice that the uppermost monitor is standing on a cardboard box positioned on top of the subwoofer, not exactly a safe place to put a monitor.
I finally ended up with two KCY220B from Chief. They each hold two monitors and clamps to the desk through a hole meant for cable routing. They also have integrated cable conduits so the monitors really get that “floating” look, without cables hanging down on the back.
You can see the end result here:

I am quite happy with the results, the only thing that bothers me is that the stands should have been placed further apart, that way I wouldn’t have to have the left monitor slightly above the center one. But that isn’t something I can blame the stands for, I could just drill an extra hole for them instead of using the cable routing hole in the desk.
The stands are a dream to work with, very easy installation. It takes some time setting up, but I think I only spent about half an hour on assembly. The rest of the time is tweaking the position of each monitor to my liking.

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