Xerox ZenPack for Zenoss 3.x

Xerox ZenPack for Zenoss 3.x

At the company where I currently work we lease a bunch of Xerox copiers. Those leasing contracts are based on number of prints per device.
That means that once a month we have to gather pagecounts from all our printers (about 100 of them) and report them to our supplier, which takes a lot of time.
Since we already were using Zenoss for monitoring of the printers I figured I could try and gather the information via snmp.
That resulted in this ZenPack.
It creates a device class, /Printer/Laser/Xerox and assigns a Monitoring Template called XeroxPageCounts.
The monitoring template consist of 3 DataPoints, BlackPageCount, ColorPageCount and TotalPageCount. It also includes a graph using the 3 DataPoints.
What I did after creating this ZenPack is create a new view which contains all these graphs. So now we simply open the new view and all the info we need is right there, instead of opening the web console of every printer.
Feel free to use and distribute this ZenPack. Download here (rename to .egg)
Version 1.0 of this zenpack does not work with zenoss 3.2.1.
Version 1.1 works, download here


We have a number of xerox photocopiers and printers, I’m looking at using Zenoss to manage these devices for purposes of SLA management & enforcement.
Can you provide me with any tips from your setup, as this would be greatly appreciated (I’m new to Zenoss)
One of my ideal goals is to collect traps for printer event “outages” such as paperjams, toner out, and for the management system to calculate how long each outage last for and display this in some reporting, including % uptime.

I’m not entirely sure that Zenoss will provide all those things. Zenoss is bound to what traps the printers send and what can be polled via snmp, http and such.
At my company the only thing we Zenoss for, regarding printers, is polling the pagecounts. I do not believe that the printers we have send traps whenever there is a paperjam such. If they did, I would surely have noticed it, as they are configured to send snmp traps to Zenoss.
I know this might not be very helpful, but my only tip is to play around with Zenoss, ask in the forums and read the docs that are there. I still consider myself a Zenoss novice, as we only use the basic things. Zenoss can to a lot of things and sadly I haven’t got the time to explore it more.

I downloaded your zenpack yesterday and tried to install it on Xenoss 3.2.1 but it’s not working, nothing show up in /devices/printers and in advanced / Zenpack installed list.

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